At Baltimore Public Markets, we are dedicated to enriching the lives of our community members through a variety of public programs and outreach initiatives. Our goal is to provide resources, education, and support to ensure that everyone in our community has access to nutritious food and valuable learning opportunities. 


Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

The Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program is crucial in ensuring that low-income pregnant women, new mothers, and young children receive the nutrition they need for healthy growth and development. By partnering with local WIC clinics, Baltimore Public Markets provide convenient access to fresh, nutritious foods, making it easier for families to use their WIC benefits and maintain a healthy diet.

SNAP, commonly known as food stamps, is a federal program that helps low-income individuals and families purchase food. Our markets accept SNAP benefits, ensuring that all community members have access to affordable, high-quality produce and other food items. We are committed to reducing food insecurity and promoting healthy eating habits.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Maryland Market Money

Maryland Market Money is a statewide program that increases the purchasing power of SNAP, WIC, and Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) benefits at farmers markets. This initiative helps low-income families buy more fresh fruits and vegetables, supporting local farmers and improving community health. Baltimore Public Markets are proud participants in this program, providing additional value to our customers.


We partner with the Maryland Food Bank to help fight hunger in our community. Through food drives, donations, and collaborative efforts, we work to ensure that everyone has access to nutritious meals. The Maryland Food Bank’s support helps us provide essential resources to those in need and strengthen our community’s food security.

The Maryland Food Bank Mobile Market is an innovative initiative that brings fresh, healthy food directly to communities in need. By partnering with this program, Baltimore Public Markets can extend our reach and provide more residents with access to nutritious food. The Mobile Market visits various locations, making it convenient for individuals and families to receive the support they need.

Maryland Food Bank & Mobile Market

Community Outreach Programs

In addition to our core programs, Baltimore Public Markets host a variety of community outreach activities aimed at educating and engaging the public. These programs include:

Lectures and Seminars: We offer educational sessions on topics such as nutrition, cooking, food preservation, and health and wellness. These events are designed to inform and inspire our community members.

Workshops and Exhibits: Our interactive workshops and exhibits provide hands-on learning experiences, teaching valuable skills such as gardening, meal planning, and sustainable living practices.

Displays and Tours: We offer guided tours of our markets, showcasing the rich history and heritage of Baltimore’s public markets. Informative displays highlight the importance of local food systems and the benefits of supporting local farmers and vendors.

Newsletters and Websites: Stay informed about our latest programs, events, and initiatives through our newsletters and website. We provide regular updates, resources, and information to keep our community connected and engaged.

Film Shows: Our film screenings feature documentaries and films related to food, health, and community. These events provide an opportunity for community members to learn, discuss, and connect over shared interests and concerns.